Never say never?!

Conversation this morning on the car ride to swimming lesson –

J: Daddy, Mommy said you were drunk last night. What doesn’t that mean?
Daddy: it means I drank too much, that it makes me sick, headache, dizzy and vomiting…
J: Drank too much Coca cola?
Daddy: …
J: You shouldn’t do that. You should never drink too much Coca cola. I don’t like you to cheers too much at party! I’ll never cheers too much at my birthday party. You should ask people not to cheers with you!
Daddy: …
Mommy: Actually, cheers is OK, you can cheers a lot as long as it’s water, juices, you won’t get drunk.
J: only too much Coca cola will?
Mommy: No actually Coca cola won’t make you drunk. It’s the alcohol that adults drink, that would make people get drunk!
J: Oh…I’ll never drink alcohol at my party, never ever!!!
Mommy: OK, we’ll see, dear.


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