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First long haul trip with both kids to San Francisco – 2

2nd night, shortly after I wordpressed the previous post, J walked out from bedroom with a lost look. We thought he needed to wee, so asked him if he wanted to go pee pee. He shook his head in a fussy way and pointed to his panties saying something wet. So we thought he wet the bed, then suddenly he pulled off his panties and had the gesture that he was going to pee in the chair of dining table as if it was a toilet bowl. Daddy was fast enough to pick him up to aim at the rubbish bin instead. (That reminded me it happened once back in HK after his lunch nap and he pee’ed on A’s crib.)

He looked puzzled afterwards, then nose bleeding started. Good that it happened in the kitchen not on the carpet floor. He was weary after I helped him stopped the bleeding.
An hour later, I went back to bed with him. That was 11pm.
He woke up at 4am to pee again, then couldn’t fall back to sleep.
Miss A was awaken by J at 4am and started to cry when she saw her brother leaving the room, but she’s able to fall back to sleep shortly and got up at 7am.

Next day, we asked J if he remember what happened last night. He didn’t remember the “wanting to pee in the chair" part but reckoned he had nose bleeding. We suspected he was dream walking, it was from Daddy as daddy did similar thing when he was a kid, told by my mother in law.

3rd night, we went out to china town for dinner and were in bed a bit late, around 9pm. J, again, woke up at 4am for the loop then couldn’t fall back to sleep until morning. A, slept happily till 8am.

4th night, same thing – daddy woke J up for pee pee at 4am, then he’s awake till morning since then. A slept a good 11hrs straight from 8pm to 7am.

So, the conclusion is the younger you are, the easier is for you to get rid of the jet lag. I guess.

Tonight, the 5th night, both kids asleep by 8pm. We decided to wake J for wee around 11pm and see if that would help him sleep a longer stretch and also didn’t let him nap during the day. Let’s see if he could get over it this round.

For me, as I’m sleeping with the kids the same time, it seems my jet lag is over faster than usual. And for my dear husband, we cannot tell, it’s a mystery. I think he’s iron man that not sleeping much and really has no patterns, because he has to work wherever he is, so he can sleep anytime and be awake any time. Hm…

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