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First long haul trip with both kids to San Francisco – 3

We’ve arrived San Francisco for exactly one week! It feels like just few days. Talked to hubby, we both agreed that we actually managed to cover quite a lot activities already: been to fisherman’s wharf, saw a WW2 submarine, close view of Golden Gate Bridge, California Academy of Sciences, tram & bus ride, cruise trip around San Francisco Bay, outlets, toys&rus, American style supermarket shopping – Safeway, and drive-thru macdonald’s! I think J has a pretty good idea of what a North American life style is now – mega big supermarket with big shopping cart, fast food restaurants offer drive-thru services and unlimited refill if you dine in, it’s always sunny with blue sky!!! But why it’s always cold in the morning? He asked me this morning. (Guess it’s typical California weather) Oh and he said, many parks and playgrounds!

Next, our plan is to cover aquarium, zoo and one more museum – haven’t decided which one. Maybe try to cross Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. And time to meet up with friends. Then we are pretty much done with our to-do-list.

Something unexpected happened last night, after a long day trip to Gilroy, A started a fever in the middle of night. She couldn’t sleep well and waking few times to cry and complain. We all ended up getting up early with sunrise. But she seems energetic, so trying to refrain myself from giving fever medicines, we got both Tylenol and Advil for infants, just in case. Meanwhile, just giving her more water and observe.

It’s really nice to wake up to blue sky and seeing the sunrise from one side, but we both agreed that North American life is still quite boring for adults like us. It’s wonderful to spend few weeks or a month for vacation here but settling for good is another thing. We couldn’t figure out what’s missing but it makes people lethargic for sure.

After long hours of shopping at Gilroy yesterday, we popped in Applebee’s (an American family restaurant that hubby says it’s like Tsui Wah in HK, although I doubt it) for quick dinner, then he said to me, I can’t imagine if we live here and all we do is outlet shopping every week! But imagine we gonna come back here 2-3 years later with 3 kids sitting around us in this restaurant! That would be quite a scene (to us, not to the people here)! Yes, 2-3 years later, probably. We can’t afford such long journey with 3 kids in a short future for sure, what life would be like with 3 kids? Here, is actually a good place to find answer, as it’s common to see family of 3 kids around. We are just generic here, not like super-special when back in HK. It looks not as hectic as I imagine or people here are well trained for large family? I don’t know.

Life, is an on-going journey that keeps coming up with questions and looking for answers.

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