First long haul trip with both kids to San Francisco – 6

This morning, J was holding a map of SF wanted me to circle the places we have been to. So I sat down with him, in order to do so, I wrote a simple journal with him of what we did and where we’ve been to each day by looking at my iPhone snaps. He was very excited and said to me, “I’m going to show this map to my friends and teachers in school!"

Before bedtime, again, J said to daddy, “I’m very excited that we will be going home soon!"
He really does miss his home!

Home, do I miss it? Yes.
Will it be the same again after this trip? I asked myself.

J asked to sleep in big bed with me and Alyssa tonight. I said yes. When he lied down next to A, she started to scream and gesturing him back to the playpen. So I asked J to sleep on my other side, leaving me in the middle. I do like sleeping with both kids in bed, taking if it’s just once in a while as I can’t sleep well at all when they are in the same bed with me. Basically I only sleep well when I sleep alone.

Miss A has grown up a lot these days. I took both kids to the park downstairs in the afternoon as daddy needed to work. I saw big improvement in her when they were playing at the playground. It’s the third time we went there, she’s brave enough to climb up and explore more compare to the first two times that she’s only willing to do things with me together and would not let go my hand. She’s even willing to go down the slides with J (not with me!) and seemed happy! I’m very pleased to see the differences and wish I had an extra hand to film them down.

I also wonder if she’s already used to sleeping with me every night that it would be a terrible time for all of us when we need to sleep train her after back to HK. Maybe there are other alternatives? Maybe I can try putting her directly in J’s room and see how it goes? Maybe she would just be fine or drive J crazy because of her screams?

I reminded J that he will be back to his own bed and own room after we return to HK, but where will Alyssa sleep? Does she go back to her own room as well? J said, put her playpen in my room! She sleeps in my room!

“But what if she doesn’t want to sleep in her playpen anymore? She refused to sleep in it now!" I asked, “can she sleep in your big kid bed?"
“Sure! I’ll sleep in my big sofa bed." J replied.
“But what if she wants to sleep in your big sofa bed? Will you let her? Then you sleep in your own big kid bed?"

“But she may fall out of the sofa bed! There’s no railing around." J said.
“I can buy portable railing and put on both sides or even 3 sides." I said.

“Really? There’s such thing? Great, mommy! You remember to buy them when we are back in HK. OK?" J seems pretty positive and acceptive to the idea of sharing a room with A.

So the question is only how A will react. Should I try? Should I try the big kid bed? (Which is definitely too early for a less than 2 year old unless I’m ready for the sleepless nights that she would climb out of bed numerous times to look for us.)
So maybe I should put the playpen in J’s room?!

Also, what should I do when A asks me for candies on car rides when back in HK? What about asking me for iPad at home? Not willing to play with her toys instead? What should I do?

I’m pondering on questions like these while my lovely hubby who’s humming his choir songs in front of his laptop after finished his work stuffs. He has a competition in Indonesia right after our SF trip. I really want to film it down as I find it really hilarious.

Men, do come from a different planet. That’s why men and women are destined to be lonely, either together or separately. We have totally different things on mind although we are just few feet apart.

That’s why I enjoy talking to J more sometimes. He seems can be more qualified as a soulmate at this stage.

Miss A is very sweet, but sometimes really makes me mad. Yet, I still want to add, it’s a pleasant to have her on our trip. She’s unique, has her own characters. Sometimes too scary for anyone to touch or handle. Yet, we all love her. There are times that I want to yell at her, J would do naughty things to make her fuss. But after all, we all love her. Truly.

Oh one final note to myself, eat less but healthy when back to HK.

First long haul trip with both kids to San Francisco – 3

We’ve arrived San Francisco for exactly one week! It feels like just few days. Talked to hubby, we both agreed that we actually managed to cover quite a lot activities already: been to fisherman’s wharf, saw a WW2 submarine, close view of Golden Gate Bridge, California Academy of Sciences, tram & bus ride, cruise trip around San Francisco Bay, outlets, toys&rus, American style supermarket shopping – Safeway, and drive-thru macdonald’s! I think J has a pretty good idea of what a North American life style is now – mega big supermarket with big shopping cart, fast food restaurants offer drive-thru services and unlimited refill if you dine in, it’s always sunny with blue sky!!! But why it’s always cold in the morning? He asked me this morning. (Guess it’s typical California weather) Oh and he said, many parks and playgrounds!

Next, our plan is to cover aquarium, zoo and one more museum – haven’t decided which one. Maybe try to cross Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. And time to meet up with friends. Then we are pretty much done with our to-do-list.

Something unexpected happened last night, after a long day trip to Gilroy, A started a fever in the middle of night. She couldn’t sleep well and waking few times to cry and complain. We all ended up getting up early with sunrise. But she seems energetic, so trying to refrain myself from giving fever medicines, we got both Tylenol and Advil for infants, just in case. Meanwhile, just giving her more water and observe.

It’s really nice to wake up to blue sky and seeing the sunrise from one side, but we both agreed that North American life is still quite boring for adults like us. It’s wonderful to spend few weeks or a month for vacation here but settling for good is another thing. We couldn’t figure out what’s missing but it makes people lethargic for sure.

After long hours of shopping at Gilroy yesterday, we popped in Applebee’s (an American family restaurant that hubby says it’s like Tsui Wah in HK, although I doubt it) for quick dinner, then he said to me, I can’t imagine if we live here and all we do is outlet shopping every week! But imagine we gonna come back here 2-3 years later with 3 kids sitting around us in this restaurant! That would be quite a scene (to us, not to the people here)! Yes, 2-3 years later, probably. We can’t afford such long journey with 3 kids in a short future for sure, what life would be like with 3 kids? Here, is actually a good place to find answer, as it’s common to see family of 3 kids around. We are just generic here, not like super-special when back in HK. It looks not as hectic as I imagine or people here are well trained for large family? I don’t know.

Life, is an on-going journey that keeps coming up with questions and looking for answers.

Never say never?!

Conversation this morning on the car ride to swimming lesson –

J: Daddy, Mommy said you were drunk last night. What doesn’t that mean?
Daddy: it means I drank too much, that it makes me sick, headache, dizzy and vomiting…
J: Drank too much Coca cola?
Daddy: …
J: You shouldn’t do that. You should never drink too much Coca cola. I don’t like you to cheers too much at party! I’ll never cheers too much at my birthday party. You should ask people not to cheers with you!
Daddy: …
Mommy: Actually, cheers is OK, you can cheers a lot as long as it’s water, juices, you won’t get drunk.
J: only too much Coca cola will?
Mommy: No actually Coca cola won’t make you drunk. It’s the alcohol that adults drink, that would make people get drunk!
J: Oh…I’ll never drink alcohol at my party, never ever!!!
Mommy: OK, we’ll see, dear.



孩子的事先不說,他們的成長速度,是文字絕對趕不上記載的。今次說說另外一個“孩子” - 我的六呎baby。



劉心悠 x fancl,那個健康飲品的廣告。正播著,老公對著電腦,發揮了他一心二用的本領,問我:這個廣告怎麼這麼矛盾?









J問:這是Aunty Rona(菲傭姐姐)的廁所嗎?


































晚上,如常陪J臨睡前pillow talk。












我:好,我一會兒出去跟爸爸say sorry。








J:Daddy, what is 敬酒飲罰酒飲?

低頭吃飯的爸爸看了看我,然後望著J,顯然不知所措:Oh, it’s…hm…ah…













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